Paul McCartney pays wife for divorce $40 million

Paul McCartney pays wife for divorce $40 millionThe former lead singer of the Beatles, Paul McCartney has agreed to pay his wife Heather mills almost $ 40 million in the process of divorce. But mills tend to demand nearly $ 100 million compensation, writes The Telegraph.If the parties have not come to an agreement, the divorce couple McCartney will be considered in court in 2008. Five-day hearing, which will be led by judge justice Bennet, scheduled for February next year. A previous hearing on this case took place in March.65-year-old Paul McCartney and his 39-year-old wife use the services of those lawyers who participated in the divorce of the Prince of Wales. In particular, the lawyer of the former model Heather mills Anthony Julius in 1996, spoke on behalf of Princess Diana and sued for more than $ 50 million.Now Fiona Shackleton, representing the interests of a spouse, and spokesman Anthony Julius, the lawyer mills - appealed to the public a joint statement. In it, they "requested that the media respect the right to privacy at a time when the parties attempt to reach agreement.". Читать полностью -->

Great-grandson Yeltsin was hospitalized

Great-grandson Yeltsin was hospitalizedThe great-grandson of the former President of Russia Ivan is observed in one of the infectious hospitals of Moscow.Because of severe pain in the ears, which intensified in connection with the ensuing fall, 8-year-old Vanya Okulov forced to see a primary care doctor.In the hospital, where lately appears regularly Vanya, called early in the morning.- We politely said that soon will bring the VIP patient, " says one of the employees of the hospital. - Said Vanya suffering ear pain and need the doctor's help. Of course, we were willing to lend the boy any necessary assistance.After some time at the clinic drove a BMW with tinted Windows. Accompanied by his beloved nanny and two-meter guard Vanya went into the familiar office.Experienced specialists carefully examined the ear of the baby and has appointed a number of treatments.Half an hour later, Vanya, already smiling, went out into the yard and quickly climbed up on the seat of the car, " doctors say. - He was much better, although full recovery is still far. Source: great-Grandson Yeltsin was hospitalized. Читать полностью -->

Edita hated own dress

Edita hated own dressFamous singer Edita has its own view on fashion and stage costumes always picks very carefully. However, in its own anniversary, the actress had to perform in a dress that she just hated.And created this outfit favorite designer Pyekha Vyacheslav Zaitsev. "The mistake he made, when made for the anniversary purple red dress," says Edita. I hated this dress! The only time wore during the concert and hung far away. 'll never wear again. I just have not had time to say that it's not mine. Читать полностью -->

JK Rowling started writing two new books

JK Rowling started writing two new booksForever farewell to the history of Harry Potter, Scottish author JK Rowling started writing two new books.In an interview published two days ago in the American press, devastated after writing the book, Rowling admitted that she's very sad to part with Potter, who became the inspiration for her previous misfortunes. Now the writer States that have already started writing two new pieces, one of which is intended adult audience, writes USA Today.41-year-old Rowling believes that her books about Harry Potter will be read for years to come, but she has no illusions about repeating such success."Of course, I can't write anything as popular, continues the Scottish. - While I do understand that after 1999 (the work on the Potter and the reaction of readers) has become a bit like madness. So now I have a lot of time thinking, and I'm glad.". . . Читать полностью -->

The maniac threatens to cut the child Halley berry

The maniac threatens to cut the child Halley berryHollywood actress Halley berry hired a security in connection with the threats addressed to her unborn child.The fact that recently in the house of berry in Los Angeles received several letters from an unknown maniac. They clearly mentally ill person makes threats of a racist nature against dark-skinned Actresses, but in one letter even threatened to cut her unborn child "into a hundred little pieces.Close to the actress, the source said: "Helly usually not protected, but now she took a couple of guys, just in case." Police launched an investigation into the threats, The Mirror reports.In early September, the 41-year-old Hallie berry confirmed that wears his long-awaited first child from her lover, a 31-year-old male model Gabriel Aubrey. Now the star is three months pregnant. Source: Maniac threatens to cut the child Halley berry. . . Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton will be involved in a lesbian relationship

Paris Hilton will be involved in a lesbian relationshipHowever it will happen on Australian television in the musical Prisoner: Cell Block H, the story of the famous Australian series.One of the sources told the following: "Everyone's talking about this project. Around the creation of the musical managed to spread a lot of rumors. Among the basic structure of the Australian stars of the appearance of Paris - more than a sensation. The producers of the project for some time doubted whether to agree to the Hilton to participate in the musical, but during the Paris negotiations demonstrated a high degree of interest in this idea. Moreover, it is immediately after the negotiations began to thoroughly examine the past performances of this show after watching a few episodes. Paris said that it was a brilliant idea to invite her, the one who knows firsthand about the prison routine".Paris (Paris Hilton) will perform in the title role, one of the female inmates of the prison. Читать полностью -->

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